Welcome to the "Wiener Tramwaymuseum"

and its WTM tramway special tours with historic Vienna streetcars

Straßenbahn Sonderfahrten im Sommer bei Tag Straßenbahn Sonderfahrten im Winter bei Nacht
Summer or winter, day or night,
a special tour with one of our historical trams is always an amazing experience for you and your guests!

Exhibition in Ottakring

In a city with one of the largest tram services in the world, also exists one of the most extensive and interesting collections with focus on public transportation. Founded in 1966 by Helmut Portele under the name "Wiener Tramwaymuseum" (WTM).

The collection "Wiener Tramwaymuseum" is a non-profit association and is the owner of the majority of exhibits shown at this nearly complete documentation - from horse-drawn tram and steam tramway to modern articulated tramcars - called "Wiener Straßenbahnmuseum" (Vienna Streetcar Museum) currently managed by "Wiener Linien" (Vienna public transportation organisation).

In order to allow a personal experience of riding a historic tram, the WTM offers its operating vehicles for rental for special tours.

Those special tours, the private financial support by Helmut Portele and countless working hours of our volunteers allowed a public museum with all vehicles on display till 1986 without any subsidies controlled by WTM itself. To this day the collection has been living without subsidies and is financed through its popular special tours.

Hence renting a historical tram is not only a very unique experience for our passengers, it is also an active contribution to guarantee sustainment of this unparalleled and irretrievable collection.

Special tours in historic trams: